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Girls Softball 2018

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Spring is on its way and that means softball season is just around the corner. If you are interested in having your daughter involved in a fun and positive learning environment sign her up for softball today.

Softball season:

Softball season runs April 2nd - June 21st
Start time - 6:00pm
Games and practices are Mondays & Wednesdays, some Fridays & Saturdays
We are in a travel league (grades 3/4 and 5/6th). Teams will be traveling to area towns such as Lisbon, Madrid, Waddington and Russell.

Registration is currently $50

When you are signing up your daughter it is based on their current grade level. We are in need of COACHES ~ please sign up!

If you have any questions please contact Colleen Logan, Softball Commissioner, at ( or (315) 854-0275.

2018 Baseball

Registration is closed

Pre-K/k season will run M-W 5:30-6pm May 7-June 13th, fundamentals, $25

Grade 1-2 season will run M-W-F 5:15-6pm May 7th - June 13th, fundamentals and in-house games, $25

Grade 3-4 season will run April 30th - June 21st, practice and travel games with end of season Fun Day, M-W-F, 6-7:30, $40

Grade 5-6 season will run April 30th - June 21st, practice and travel games with end of season and playoffs, M-W-F, 6-7:30, $40

Getting Help

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